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yabo亚搏手机版app|全锦赛首日许昕爆冷输球 老将郝帅率队两连胜
发布时间:2021-10-09 04:52:01



  Baoneng Cup 2020 National Table Tennis Championships officially kicked off at the Olympic Center in Nanhai New Area, Weihai. Liu Guoliang, Chairman of the Chinese Table Tennis Association, Qin Zhijian, Secretary General of the Chinese Table Tennis Association, Li Zheng, Director of the Shandong Provincial Sports Bureau, Qiao Yunping, Deputy Director of the Shandong Sports Bureau, Zhang Haibo, Secretary of the Weihai Municipal Party Committee, Yang Li, Vice Mayor of Weihai, and Zhang Haijun, Secretary of the Work Committee of Weihai Nanhai New Area Zou Mingwu, vice president of Hebaoneng Group, attended the opening ceremony.


   Liu Guoliang said that the National Table Tennis Championship is the oldest, largest, highest competitive and most influential traditional table tennis tournament in my country. The current championship is held at the training base of the New China Table Tennis Association to package and upgrade the competition, so that athletes and coaches have a better game experience, and to promote the professionalization and industrialization of the championship. Into a boutique event. I hope that the coaches and athletes will join hands to present gifts to the motherland during the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival and present a table tennis feast to the people of the whole country.


   There were a total of two rounds of group stage competition today. In the women's team, the Hubei team led by Feng Yalan was not bloody, and easily defeated the Jilin team and the Yunnan team with two 3-0s. They ushered in two consecutive victories in the group and basically locked their qualifications. The Jiangsu ZGL composed of Qian Tianyi, Shi Xunyao, Kuaiman, Liu Fei and Zhang Qiang defeated Zhejiang team 3-0 in the first round, but the process of this game was not as easy as the score showed. Qian Tianyi was 3 to 3 in the first set. 1 defeated Miao Fan, Shi Xunyao defeated Wu Yangchen in 5 games in the second set. In the third set, Kuaiman pulled two games after being 1-2 behind, and defeated the promise. The process was extremely stalemate. In the second round, Jiangsu ZGL lost 1 to 3 to the Sichuan team. Zhu Yuling's consecutive wins against Shi Xunyao and Qian Tianyi were important guarantees for the latter's victory.


  In other respects, the Tianjin team won consecutive wins between Jiangxi Team and Shanxi Investment Group and qualified for the top spot in the group. Tomorrow morning, Jiangxi Team and Shanxi Investment Group will compete for the second right to qualify. Without Ding Ning, Beijing Yanjing Beer beat Inner Mongolia 3-0, Guangdong 3-1, and temporarily ranked first in the group. The same two-game winning streak was the Shaanxi team led by Henan Minsheng Pharmaceutical and Jiang Hui. Today there were two "five-set battles" in the women's arena. Fujian team reversed and defeated Guangxi Golden Throat after losing two sets first. Tibet ZGL was tied with a 2-0 lead and was tied for the final game. 0 defeated Qu Peilin and passed the risk.

在其他方面,天津队在江西队与山西投资集团之间获得了连续的胜利,并获得了该集团的头把交椅。明天上午,江西队与山西投资集团将争夺第二项参赛资格。没有丁宁,北京燕京啤酒以3-0击败内蒙古,以3-1击败广东,并暂时排名第一。同样两连胜的是河南民生药业和江辉领导的陕西队。今天,在女子竞技场上有两场“五场决战”。福建队在先输两盘后逆转并击败了广西金嗓子。西藏ZGL以2-0领先,并列最后一局。 0击败Qu培林并通过了冒险。



   The first round of the men's team competition broke out a lot of upsets. Shanghai Real Estate Group led by Xu Xin lost 1 to 3 to the Heilongjiang team. In the 2014, 2015, and 2016 National Championships, the Shanghai team achieved three consecutive men's team championships and won the men's team championship at the 2017 National Games. However, in the absence of Xu Xin in the last championship, the Shanghai team lost 1 to 3 in the first round of Hubei. This year, the Shanghai team also declared a defeat in the first round of the championship. In the first set, Heilongjiang’s top main player, Wang Bo, was 3 to 3 After defeating Zhao Zihao by 1, Xu Xin beat Xu Yingbin 3-0 to equalize the team. In the critical third set, Sun Zheng failed to grasp the advantage with a 2-1 lead and was reversed by Cao Wei. Xu Xin was in the fourth set. With a 2-0 lead, they lost three games in a row and lost to Wang Bo. The Shanghai team lost 1-3. Fortunately, in the second round of the match, Shanghai defeated Tibet ZGL 3-0. Tomorrow they will face the Hebei team.


  In other aspects, Hainan team defeated Guangxi Golden Throat and Chongqing team consecutively. Young player Lin Shidong played well. In the game against Guangxi Golden Throat, he scored two points to help the team advance. Against Chongqing, he defeated Li Shanyan 3-0 in the first set. At present, Hainan team and Jiangsu ZGL have won two consecutive victories, and both have won the right to qualify. Tomorrow morning, they will start the team's competition for the top spot.


Hao Shuai led the Tianjin team to win two consecutive victories. They defeated Inner Mongolia and Yunnan. In the game against Yunnan, Tianjin fell behind twice. Hao Shuai defeated Wang Qikai and Jie Jianwei twice 3-0. To tie the score, the deciding set Gao Yang 3-0 and Wang Linkai sealed the victory for the team. Last year's National Championships men's singles champion Hou Yingchao even led Yuan Licen and Xu Haidong in the first round of the group and scored two points to help Shaanxi beat Liaoning 3-1. In the second round, although Hou Yingchao did not play, the team still easily defeated the Jiangxi team 3-0. Currently, the team is ranked first with two consecutive victories. The other two groups, Hubei and Hebei, also temporarily ranked first in the group with two consecutive victories.




   (Ping Pong World)


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