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yabo亚搏手机版app_专访丨孟泰龄: 棋界里估计找不到第二个像我这样的
名称:yabo亚搏手机版app_专访丨孟泰龄: 棋界里估计找不到第二个像我这样的
33岁的孟泰龄是一名大器晚成的棋手。新京报记者 孙海光 摄



   Go is divided into black and white, but the world of Go is colorful. In addition to the status of a professional chess player, Meng Tailing 7th Dan is also a well-known Go anchor and also the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of an education group. As a chess player, the 33-year-old Meng Tailing became a late bloomer, and he is still fighting the Siege as a master. As an anchor, Meng Tailing insisted on recording thousands of episodes of "Taige Network Self-Battle Commentary" for several years; as the CTO of the education group, Meng Tailing hopes that everyone can see from another perspective. Know Go. In an exclusive interview with the Beijing News a few days ago, Meng Tailing quoted the sentence "The reason for the victory or defeat is the result of the 13th chapter of the Book of Chess", and hopes that parents and children will not be obsessed with victory and defeat. Better improve the abilities of cultivation and character.

Go分为黑色和白色,但是Go的世界是丰富多彩的。除了职业棋手的地位,孟太陵第七丹还是著名的围棋主力,也是教育集团的CTO(首席技术官)。 33岁的孟泰玲是国际象棋棋手,后来成为灯笼裤,他仍在以大师级的身份与攻城作战。作为主持人,孟太玲坚持录制了成千上万的“泰革网络自卫评论”。作为教育集团的首席技术官,孟太玲希望每个人都能从另一个角度看到。知道去。几天前,孟台龄在接受《新京报》的独家专访中引用了“成败的原因是《国际象棋》第十三章的结果”,并yabo亚搏手机版app希望父母和孩子不会被困扰。与胜利和失败。更好地提高修养和品格的能力。





   On September 21, the "Danghu Ten Game Cup" CCTV TV Go Fast Game was held in Pinghu, Zhejiang. Ranked 31st in the country, Meng Tailing eliminated Yang Dingxin's 9th dan in the first round and lost to Zhou Ruiyang's 9th dan in the second round.


   Two sets of matches, Meng Tailing and his opponent had a long time to replay. After a battle with Zhou Ruiyang, the two resumed the game for a long time, then got up and took back the phone and continued to use AI to assist the game, which lasted more than half an hour.


   Replaying the game and interpreting the game is the most common thing Meng Tailing has done in the past few years. Outside the chessboard, Meng Tailing's other identity is the anchor "Tai Ge" well known to chess fans.


Meng Tailing's commentary career began in 2013, when he and two big brothers established Go TV. "At that time, he wanted to change the way of spreading Go and let more people realize that Go is actually fun." I can see a small part of it on TV, and the way of explanation is relatively traditional.

孟泰玲的评论生涯始于2013年,当时他和两个哥哥建立了Go TV。 “那时,他想改变Go的传播方式,让更多的人意识到Go确实很有趣。”我可以在电视上看到其中的一小部分,而且解释的方式相对传统。

   With a platform, there must be programs, and if there are programs, there must be content reserves, and the "Taige Network Self-Combat Commentary" was born. In the past six years, Meng Tailing’s diary has continuously recorded 1,000 episodes of self-combat commentary.

在平台的情况下,必须有程序,如果有程序,就必须有内容储备,并且诞生了“ Taige Network Self-Combat Commentary”。在过去的六年中,孟泰玲的日记连续记录了1000集的自我战斗评论。

"One thing, you understand and you can express it completely are two realms." At the beginning of the explanation, Meng Tailing said that he was relatively average. After accumulating some experience and methods, he slowly understood how to clear it. The context of a game of chess can then be expressed in plain words, "It is necessary for more people to understand it, and then feel the fun of Go."


   Many of the previous Go predecessors often showed the player's introverted and calm side when commenting, but Meng Tailing can always express the most true thoughts when he is doing network commentary, which is very popular with chess fans.


It takes a lot of time to record the show, but changing the angle is actually a kind of training, which is always a positive effect for Meng Tailing. "From the point of view of the method, I play chess by myself and then resume the game. This is itself A training process. Secondly, in order to let others hear more clearly, I will also make my thoughts clearer when I explain.” Meng Tailing has recorded self-combat commentary over the years and has a deeper understanding of himself and improved abilities in all aspects. a lot of.

录制表演需要花费很多时间,但是改变角度实际上是一种训练,对孟泰玲始终是积极的作用。 “从方法的角度来看,我自己下棋,然后重新开始游戏。这本身就是一个训练过程。其次,为了让其他人更清楚地听到,我在解释时也会思路更加清晰。 ”多年来,孟泰龄记录下了自己的战斗评论,对自己有更深刻的理解,并且在各个方面的能力得到了提高。





   This year's CCTV TV Go Quick Tournament gathered the top 32 players in China's latest ranking. Meng Tailing, born in 1987, is the oldest one. "Actually I am only 33 years old this year." Meng Tailing was a little bit dumbfounded, but had to accept the reality of the fast-paced era.

今年的CCTV TV Go Quick Tournament收录了中国最新排yabo亚搏手机版app名的前32名选手。孟太龄,1987年出生,是最年长的一位。 “实际上我今年只有33岁。”孟太玲有点傻眼了,但不得不接受快节奏时代的现实。

   Meng Tailing said that when he first learned chess, some of the famous Japanese chess players were at their peaks in their 40s. Even around 2000, domestic chess players such as Ma Xiaochun and Chang Hao were still very competitive when they were in their 30s. "Now is different. Players after the age of 25 are called veterans. This is the era. Change. Since we can't change these, we can only adapt."

孟太玲说,当他第一次学习国际象棋时,一些日本著名的国际象棋选手在40多岁时达到了顶峰。即使在2000年左右,像马晓春和张浩这样的国内象棋棋手在30多岁时仍然具有很高的竞争力yabo亚搏手机版app。 “现在不一样了。25岁以后的球员称为退伍军人。这就是时代。改变。因为我们不能改变这些,所以我们只能适应。”

Compared to most chess players, Meng Tailing is a late bloomer, "I came out very late, very, very late." Meng Tailing listed a series of chess players. Fan Tingyu won the world champion at 16 years old, Mi Yuting won the world champion at 17 years old, and Ke Jie was 18 years old. He won the world championship, and he did not enter the stage of the Weijia League until he was 20 years old, he participated in the World Series for the first time at the age of 23, and won his first national championship in the Quzhou Lanke Cup at the age of 25.

与大多数国际象棋棋手相比,孟太陵是个晚花篮的人,“我出来得非常晚,非常非常晚。”孟太玲列出了一系列国际象棋选手。范廷yu 16岁时获得世界冠军,米雨婷17岁时获得世界冠军,柯洁18岁。他赢得了世界冠军,直到20岁才进入魏家联赛的舞台,他在23岁时首次参加世界大赛,并在the州兰科赢得了他的首个全国冠军25岁时捧杯。

"In the chess world, it is estimated that there is no second player like me who came out at the age of 20 and has more or less achieved certain results." This season, the 33-year-old Meng Tailing is still fighting the Siege League as a master. .

“在国际象棋世界中,据估计没有像我这样的第二人在20岁时出现,或多或少取得了一定的成绩。”本赛季,现年33岁的孟泰玲仍是大师级​​的格斗联赛。 。

But when it comes to career, Meng Tailing has no extravagant expectations. "My career can basically be said to be over, it is indeed the case." Meng Tailing puts himself in the middle of the chess player, and older players are treated by him. Worn out. Now, AI (artificial intelligence) is going to grind him away again.

但是当谈到职业时,孟泰玲并不奢望。 “基本上可以说我的职业生涯已经结束,确实如此。”孟泰玲将自己置于国际象棋棋手的中间,年长的棋手受到他的待遇。累死了。现在,AI(人工智能)将再次将他磨死。

"Go originally had no standard answer, but after the emergence of AI, it seems to have an answer now." Meng Tailing's generation of chess players, the training method was mostly collective research before, and now AI seems to have suddenly added a teacher, training method Also changed accordingly. Meng Tailing said that it is difficult to say whether this change is good or bad, but it does change the training habits of chess players.

“ Go最初没有标准答案,但是在AI出现之后,现在似乎有了答案。”孟台龄的棋手一代,其训练方法以前大多是集体研究的,现在的AI似乎突然增加了一位老师,训练方法也相应地发生了变化。孟泰玲说,很难说这种改变是好是坏,但这确实改变了国际象棋选手的训练习惯。

   Before this, Meng Tailing used Go as a way of practice, and he hoped to continue to explore and extend the path of practice. But with the advent of AI, the road in front of him has been subverted, and there is no need to innovate or explore. "From this point of view, it seems to have broken my spiritual mentality. I have always hoped to be able to Like Rui Lao (Rui Naiwei) in the next life of Go, I don’t think so now."

在此之前,孟泰玲将围棋作为练习的方式,他希望继续探索并扩展练习的路径。但是随着AI的出现,他面前的道路已经被颠覆了,不需要创新或探索。 “从这个角度来看,这似乎破坏了我的精神观念。我一直希望能够在Go的下辈子像瑞老(Rui Naiwei),现在我不这么认为。”





   has been doing Go education for many years. After 1000 episodes of "Taige Network Self-Combat Commentary" were recorded, Meng Tailing stopped, Go TV also changed its name to Yizhao Go, and the company's focus began to gradually shift to the education side.

已经从事围棋教育很多年了。在录制了1000集的“泰格网络自我战斗评论”后,孟太玲停了下来,Go TV也更名为Yizhao Go,该公司的重点开始逐渐转移到教育方面。

Since last year, Meng Tailing has basically stopped training. Before that, he would train for a long time on the Internet every day. "In fact, chess players are relatively relaxed. Usually they rely more on conscious self-discipline and playing against Go. Love it."

从去年开始,孟太岭就基本停止了培训。在那之前,他每天都会在互联网上进行长时间的培训。 “实际上,国际象棋棋手相对放松。通常,他们更多地依靠有意识的自律和对抗围棋。喜欢它。”

   Although Meng Tailing's self-evaluation is not very accomplished in Go, there is still a unique place in the interpretation of Go. "Go relies more on personal understanding and interpretation, not to say that it can reach a certain level by pure time accumulation." Meng Tailing said that it is difficult for a chess player to play without his own. "The reason why Ke Jie is so Strong, the most important point is that he is fearless and has no taboos. He dares to make any move on the chessboard. It seems that nothing can stop him, as long as he wants."

尽管孟台龄的自我评价在围棋中并不十分完善,但在围棋的诠释中仍然占有独特的位置。 “围棋更多地取决于个人的理解和解释,而不是说它可以通过纯粹的时间积累达到一定水平。”孟太玲说,没有自己的棋手很难下棋。 “柯杰之所以如此坚强的原因,最重要的一点是他无所畏惧,没有禁忌。他敢于在棋盘上采取任何行动。看来,只要他愿意,任何事情都无法阻止他。”

   The suspension of training has greatly changed Meng Tailing's life. He now focuses and focuses on teaching and research. After many years of Go education work, Meng Tailing said that Go has always been a particularly good tool and carrier for developing intelligence. No matter what attributes are given to it, this general direction will not change.


   But I have had more contact with parents. Meng Tailing found that parents and children nowadays have some changes in their treatment of winning and losing. "When I was a kid, people in those days were more simple-minded. Children who learned chess and their parents were still relatively pure about winning or losing. No matter what level you are at, you care about the result." Meng Tailing said that many parents in first- and second-tier cities are not about winning or losing No matter how important they are, they are more concerned about what children can get through Go.

但是我和父母有了更多的联系。孟泰玲发现,如今的父母和子女,在输赢方面都有一些变化。 “当我还是个孩子的时候,那时的人们头脑更开明。学过国际象棋的孩子和他们的父母仍然相对单纯地掌握输赢。无论您处于什么水平,都在乎结果。”孟泰玲说,一线和二线城市的许多父母都不会输赢,无论他们多么重要,他们都更关心孩子们可以通过围棋获得什么。

Meng Tailing feels deeply about this point. "There is a saying in "The Thirteen Pieces of the Book of Chess" that is particularly good, "So it is better to use deep meaning and careful consideration, in order to find the reason for the victory and defeat, and then it will not be done. It means that through the carrier of Go, we can make continuous progress every day to reach a level that has never been reached."

孟太玲对此深有感触。 “《国际象棋十三篇》中有一句话特别好,“因此最好运用深刻的含义和认真的考虑,以便找到胜利与失败的原因,然后没有完成。这意味着,通过Go的载体,我们可以每天不断取得进步,达到从未达到的水平。”

   This sentence has a great influence on Meng Tailing, and also pointed him a direction in the field of Go education. In Meng Tailing's view, unless you take the professional path, you should not have too much obsession with victory and defeat. It is more important to improve your cultivation, character and other abilities through Go.


   (Sun Haiguang, Chief Correspondent, Beijing News)


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